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When I joined Facebook, I received a message saying "Welcome", but when I used Facebook I found that Facebook’s policy allows disrespecting the most beloved person to me, Prophet Mohammad, may peace and blessings be upon him.

When I invited my friends to Facebook, I thought we can connect and share, but every time we gathered in a large group or page related to Islam, a Facebook Moderator suddenly deleted it.

Then when I asked the Facebook Team to show respect to my Religion, Prophets, and Holy Book, they ignored my feelings and did not fulfill any of my 3 simple demands.

Below, we have listed 2 strong undebatable proofs with evidence for your double standards and discrimination favoring Jews and Christians while oppressing Muslims.

1st Proof:

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, a Facebook’s spokeswoman said that the 4 Islamic Facebook Pages were deleted only because it was using the quick invitations JavaScript code, and not because of the Islamic content. Well, let’s see what the largest Christian Facebook Page is using, it's the very same JavaScript Code. The following link is a page cached by Google that proves your discrimination favoring Christians: (Direct link is blocked by Facebook Administration)

See, your ‘Freedom of Speech’ policy is available for everyone, except Muslims. Islamic Facebook Pages are deleted as soon as it gets big, while Christian Pages are left untouched, even when breaking the rules. What's wrong with you people, we just want to let everybody know about the real Islam, they have minds to think, we are no sorcerers; they can decide whatever they want!

2nd Proof:

During the ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ events you ignored millions of reports and complaints from Muslims about the 100,000+ Fans Facebook Page that was calling for that disrespectful event, you event ignored a governmental report from Pakistan, while it took you only a few hours to delete a tiny Anti-Holocaust page (76 Fans) that might have hurt the feelings of Jews. The following link is a page cached by Google that proves your discrimination favoring Jews: (Direct link is blocked by Facebook Administration)

So now it's very clear that your Facebook’s policy against hate speech is only one sided, towards Muslim. Anti-Jewish content is removed almost immediately while Anti-Islamic content is allowed to spread.

Facebook Team; although you have double standards, both of them were way below my expectations. Is Facebook just a tool controlled by those who treat some people better than others? You treat your own people in one way and Muslims in another?

Please, Mark, kindly ask your spokeswoman to not mention any more excuses for your discriminative acts. The Christian page has over 1,400,000 Likes/Fans; your admins wouldn’t have missed it unless they are all blind. They saw it and left it grow, using the same JavaScript Code, on purpose. Besides, the Anti-Holocaust page had only 76 Likes/Fans, which needs a telescope to be seen between 500 Million Facebook members! Thirdly, the "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!' started on 20th April, you waited so many days after 20th May, the day set for the sick event, and then you paused it just before the 10 days notice which the Pakistani Government gave you ended, do you think we are fools?

Dear Mark, maybe you're trying to get everybody's love and respect, which is not a bad thing, but you have to keep your principles when seeking that, or else, what's the importance of people's love and respect if one loses his principles? Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, was - and is - most loved and popular, but he knew the truth and he never compromised it. Although calling for the truth raised hate speech against him - today and in the past, but that only gave him many times more love and respect from the ones who follow the truth.

Facebook Team, we have given you a 2 weeks notice to fulfill our 3 simple demands, but you arrogantly ignored the whole case while world-famous news outlets discussed it. Accordingly, we will replace our 3 demands with 3 decisions; our demands are off the table now.

Our 3 decisions are:

1- Minimizing the usage of Facebook by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, starting on 1st Ramadan, 1431 (11th August, 2010) and joining , then gradually decreasing Facebook usage by Muslims till permanently quitting Facebook by 1st Muharram, 1432 (7th December, 2010). Muslims who use their Facebook accounts for introducing Islam to the world and clearing misconceptions about Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, will neither leave Facebook nor decrease their activity.

2- Creating 4 new Facebook Pages instead of the 4 that were aggressively deleted, and inviting as many Muslims, and Non-Muslims, on Facebook to these four pages. We will start small then insh'Allah get bigger, so be sure to stay away from these pages - as well as other peaceful Islamic pages - if you wish that we stay away from your blog.

The new pages links are:

3- Creating Facebook Page that gathers and connects all Muslims who want to use Facebook, and internet generally, to introduce Islam to the world and clear misconceptions about Prophet Mohammad, PBUH. This page will manage and synchronize all Islamic Facebook Pages, Groups, and Events. We want to make it clear to anyone who will read this message that we will only introduce Islam to Non-Muslims in a peaceful manner.

My story with Facebook

"Invite people to the path of your Lord with sound planning and good advice, and debate with them in the best possible way; indeed your Lord knows well who has strayed from His path, and He knows well the guided ones."~ Qur'an: [An-Nahl 16:125]

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